"My name is Brandon and I am a college football player. Over this past summer I have received training in nutrition, weight lifting, and mental focus from Clayton. My gains in the weight room have gone up exponentially and I am confident that the tools I have been given will allow me to dominate on the football field this upcoming season."

Brandon-Eugene, OR


“I had to have an emergency C-Section with my third child and after the surgery I had a lot of pain and felt bad about how I looked. Clay healed the pain and helped me lose 4 inches off of my stomach overnight!!! It was amazing. When my 5 year old broke her arm, Clay came over and after he was done she was able to move her arm with no pain. Thank you Clay for doing what seemed impossible.”


Eugene, Or.


"Clayton Kelleher has helped me in numerous ways. I began training with him for bodybuilding. He helped me transform from a large but slightly soft 200 lbs to a shredded, contest ready 165 lbs in 16 weeks. With his training for the bulking process he I put on 8 pounds of muscle in 9 months. Standing only 5’ 9”, that much muscle is enormous for such a short amount of time naturally. His training style is a mix of many different techniques on building muscle, and he seems to have an answer for anything. Best yet all his tips consistently work and I couldn’t be happier with my results while working with him.

Besides working with him on my physique goals, I also work with him on energy and mental training. I was suffering from a lot of stress from work, school, and a general malaise of college life. I was having trouble sleeping and it was effecting my daily life. I began learning how to master my mind and different brainwaves, and with his help soon much of my melancholy was gone. Besides improving my mood, I have been able to successfully rid myself of harmful paths of thought and feelings. Through the techniques he has shown me, I can change and effect much of my pathology and mental blocks.

With my brain training I have also been able to effect my body. I have been able to manipulate my hormones, and a lot of pain in my body. Tight muscles and injuries are common in bodybuilding, and I have been able to mentally accelerate the healing process and ease much of the tension within my body. I have also been able to slightly increase hormones in my body which can help with performance, and lower hormones which can hinder my progress. I also have suffered from allergies in the spring time for years, and was able to stop my body from reacting to pollen with painful headaches and red eyes.

In the energy training I have done with him, I have learned how to activate several chakras, mainly the root and heaven chakra. He has also taught me the “iron shield” technique and how to magnify my body’s energy output and production. These also are very helpful in my training, as it makes grueling workouts less painful and more productive.

As for what Clayton has done for me with his mental abilities, the results have been nothing but astounding. I have suffered from pubertal gynecomastia since a young age, even having surgery on one breast. Once again my other breast began to suffer from gynecomastia, Clayton successfully healed this ailment, and I no longer have to rely on drugs like arimidex (anastrozole) to keep my body from growing breast tissue. He has also helped remedy several colds I have had and accelerate their healing. On a more recent note, he has begun to help me actually grow taller. I have always measured 5’9”, and after one session of his focusing and using his mental abilities I measured 5’9 3/8” several days later. Since then I over the last several weeks I have grown to just under 5’10”."                      

                                                                                                                                                                    Tucker (Eugene, Oregon)


 "I met Clayton Kelleher through an amazing series of circumstances, which I now see, in retrospect, were meant to be.  Although I live on the East Coast and Clayton is on the West Coast, the physical distance between us is of absolutely no consequence.
   The first time I met Clayton, he used his incredible energy healing and clearing techniques in a variety of modalities which resulted in the clearing out of past traumatic emotions which had kept me from personal development.  For the first time in years I felt inner peace, incredible happiness, and increased emotional and physical health.  I have tremendous respect and appreciation for his wisdom and insight, and his remarkable ability to integrate various modalities to keep me moving forward.
   I started training with Clayton weekly, long distance by cell phone, and it is absolutely amazing to feel his energy come through.  He has facilitated tremendous growth, reflection, and meaning in my life, and I was fortunate to be able to return to Oregon this past August for a four day Intensive Seminar with him one-on-one.  Clayton helped me to take a look at myself, where I was in my life, and where I needed to go into order to relinquish fear, to move from feeling frozen forward into independence.  I am able to make different choices regarding my emotions and my daily life.  There is not much that upsets me any more as Clayton taught me how to live in the NOW, versus dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.  This has lowered my stress level and reduced anxiety.  We worked on removing self-imposed limitations I had subconsciously, and I have regained confidence and motivation.
   If you are ready, Clayton will help you feel the courage to really make changes in your life, and reclaim your right to happiness and inner peace.  He is able to see the potential for greatness that is inside of you.  Whether you choose personal training, nutritional guidance, martial arts; or the metaphysical, spiritual paths with alternative healing modalities such as Reiki, Brainwave Training, Hypnosis Training, Timeline Therapy, Acupressure, Reflexology; or Auric, Chakra and Meridian Work, Energy Medicine and Herbal Medicine; rest assured that Clayton will draw on his extensive background and credentials to phenomenally benefit you in every aspect of your life.
   Clayton is fond of closing his emails with “Your Teacher, Student, and Friend.”  You will instantly discover that you both learn from each other, and through the shared journey, create an enduring friendship!"

New Jersey


"From my knowledge of nutrition, to physical  fitness and overall health,  I have  Clay to thank for it all.  I would not be to where I am today without Clay's knowledge and guidance."


Eugene, Oregon


"Your hypoglycemic diet really helped me out!
At first it was hard to follow, what with craving carbs and sweets so often and forgetting to rub my pressure points. But I knew that if I went back to the way I was before my blood sugars got under control I would continue to feel tired and sick again. Even while on a strict diet for a time, I felt better, despite my moody cravings, then I had in a long while. Still following the diet and plan to for a long time. I recommend this diet to all hypoglycemics who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Its not easy, far from it! But! It is 100% worth it. Thanks again bro."


                                                                                                                                                                                         Portland, OR
 "ok, well i had been sick with pneumonia for almost 7 weeks, Clayton came to my home and was able to pull the negative energy and spiritual infection with in 45 minutes i was breathing normally, coughing had subsided and my fever was gone. I slept peacefully for the 1st time in a month. It was the most amazing thing. "

Bri Stockstill, Oregon

"I am a Sport Psychology major in my senior year at Whittier College. I came to Clay to gain a new perspective on my field and to gain knowledge in the field of Psychology and Neurosicence. The knowledge I gained was more influential to my education than anything I have learned in my traditional college setting. He taught me multiple relaxation and focusing techniques that are imperative to finding optimal human performance. Clayton and I took my education one step further by incorporating brainwave training. I learned how to drop down into Alpha, Theta and Delta in only a few short weeks. This new knowledge has been extremely beneficial in helping me with my bodybuilding goals as well as my educational goals. With these new tools I was also able to increase my power to heal myself and others through the use of energy training, meridians and chakras. One of the most remarkable things we accomplished was healing my broken arm. My diagnosis was 6-8 weeks before I could touch a weight. After 3 and a half weeks I was lifting upper body and after 4 weeks I had gained back almost all of my strength that I had lost. Thanks to Clayton my will to learn and achieve my full potential is the highest it's ever been; I am excited to continue learning from him for years to come. The greatest part of the learning experience is Clayton's own will to keep learning until he finds the best tools to help people achieve their goals and find happiness. If you commit yourself to applying all the knowledge Clayton has to share he can help you find optimal human performance in your area of interest and life in general. Clayton has been an extremely influential mentor in my life and has taught me anything can be accomplished given the right tools. For this new perspective and knowledge I will be forever grateful."

-Brandon Epstein


"I originally went to see clay to help me develop a plan to deal with  stress and anxiety. His approach incorporates  a number of modalities breathing exercises, self talk and meditation.  I now have tools that  effectively mitigate the level of stress I experience daily. In the  last month I developed a severe lower back injury, clay was very helpful in developing a comprehensive plan that consist of exercises, ice treatments and a variety other interventions that was instrumental in a complete healing of my back."

Benj Epstein, Eugene Or.


 "Two years after a surgery on my left tibia my leg still had not healed. Clay was one of the factors that finally jumpstarted the healing process, allowing me to avoid a second surgery. The doctors have called it a "minor miracle." 

Jessica (Eugene, OR)


 Dori,  Portland Oregon                       2/2/12

"During the summer of 2010 to my dismay, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, 158/98. Not wanting to use commercial medical drugs, I began my journey to bring my blood pressure back to normal using natural methods. I started on my diet first; I eliminated chemical salt from my diet and reduced the intake of foods that contained chemical salt. Then I began searching for the best cooking and salad oils. I added to that a regular exercise routine and increased the vegetables, fruits, raw nuts and seeds in my diet. After one year there was still no change; my blood pressure was still bordering a dangerously high level. I knew that I would have to try something more aggressive if I was going to win this battle.
     I started working with Clayton Kelleher the summer of 2011 using his energy exercises. I started to feel better almost right away. My energy levels were better, my digestion improved, my mind felt clearer and less foggy, even my vision improved. I kept track of my blood pressure levels and  after a few months they had  come down a full 10 points. So now my blood pressure was hovering around 145/ 90; lower but still not low enough to be in the safe range. In December I discussed my progress and my concerns with Clayton. He added some additional energy exercises and started me on some nutritional supplements. February 2, 2012 I had my blood pressure checked and to my delight it was down to 124/80. Finally success!
I was so adamant about finding a natural cure for my medical condition and Clayton’s methods really came through. I would recommend his methods of healing to anyone looking for a natural path to good health. "

 "I've seen and heard many of today's spiritual leaders, psychics/healers, martial artists/personal trainers-nutritionist and many meditators and many friends. And in all honesty, simply based on my expereicne and what makes sense to me- he truly is the best that I'm aware of. And, by that I mean the one I have found the least conflict with that resonates with my heart and mind and spirit and actually works!"

~Michael D. Cummmings, Eugene, OR.


"I had an object fall on my toe that left a deep gash and broke it straight through.  With Claytons healing methods it was healed and back to normal in two weeks, as opposed to average 6 weeks.  What amazed me the most was that he saw me as soon as I called even though it was almost 9pm.  He truly cares about his clients no matter the hour."               -Clint        Veneta ,OR

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